Maslow Brains Motor Shield (formerly Blue Smoke Herder Shield)

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Maslow Brains Motor Shield (formerly Blue Smoke Herder Shield)

Advance Maslow Motor Controller


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PCB BOM-BSH thruhole

XH-Series Connectors: 455-2271-ND             3        MP1-3 
Power Jack: CP-202BH-ND 1 J10
1x8 .1" headers: 732-5321-ND 6 Arduino Pwr, ADCL, ADCH, Comm., PWML, PWMH
18x2 .1" headers: 732-5309-ND 1 XIO
H-Bridge: TLE52062SAKSA1-ND 3 IC-1,2,3
Indicator LED Green: 160-1130-ND 1 LED 1: 5V
Indicator LED Red: 160-1127-ND 1 LED 2: 12V
Current Limiting R1: 1263-CF14JB270R-CHP 1 R1
Current Limiting R2: 1.0KQBK-ND 1 R2
25.4x34.93mm heatsink HS351-ND 3 N/A
Capacitors 100uF 399-6650-1-ND 3 C1, C3, C5
Capacitors 1uF BC1168CT-ND 2 C7,8
Capacitors 0.1uF BC1101CT-ND 3 C2, C4, C6
4-40 x 1/4" Panhead Nylon machine screws 3 For heat sinks
4-40 nylon nuts 3 For heat sinks
2x3 .1" header: 609-3218-ND 1 12v Fan Header

The Manual:
Blue Smoke Herder Shield


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