Metal Maslow CNC kit

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Metal Maslow CNC kit

Original Maslow + Metal Sled, Cbeam Z axis, Arduino enclosure & more. Our complete kit takes off where the orginal left off with many upgraded features and quicker assembly times. As the above photo shows the main benefit of our kit is is comes with a premade sled, z axis and linkage kit which only takes about 15 minutes to put together vs the original kit. Other benefits include: 1. Upgraded circuit board with 3 heat sinks and relay control box to turn the router on and off 2. Longer nickle plated chain that supports 12' motor spaceing for more accurate bottom corner cuts 3. Makita RT0701C router with 1 year warranty. ( will also sell without router) 4. C-Beam Axis with faster Z axis motor mount and clamp for above router. Ridgid or any 3.5" diameter router, & Dewalt 611 can also be supported if a different clamp is used. Both of these routers are widely available in Europe and other countries in 220v. 5. Laser Cut Steel Base plate so ring, router, z axis etc. lines up exactly. 6. TLE5206 Power Control Board with AUX pins and fan cooled aluminum enclosure. PREPROGRAMMED & TESTED WTIH GROUND CONTROL 1.26 7. Pulleys for counter weighting the slack chain side instead of elastic cord. 8. AUX cable and metal plate for Zeroing the z axis


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Assembly instructions for the metal maslow cnc machine can be found here: The main differences between our assembly & the original maslow are as follows: 1. The metal laser cut sled is included in our kit and takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Therefore there is no need to spend hours making a temporary sled and then a final sled. 2. We recommend a larger motor spacing of 12' and motor beam height of 30" vs 10' and 18" for the original kit. These larger dimensions give better corner to corner cut performance. 10 degree tilt vs 15 degrees is also recommended.

We will also be selling a metal top cross beam that is laser cut. By including this part, all machines we sell will be mechanically identical. Since the machines are all the same troubleshooting any issues should be much simpler. While one can save about $20 and spend an hour calibrating their own unique 2x4" wooden cross beam this method lacks consistency and it is harder to figgure out any issues since everyone's machine is slightly different.


Available now one can buy the kit @ Thanks for your support.