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MakerMade M2 CNC

M2 Kit Contents

Simply the most advanced and accessible Maslow available. The M2 Upgrade addresses the key opportunities for the Maslow, namely:

  • Up to 40% faster cutting speed than other Maslows thanks to 2x z-axis movement and improved control board performance
  • The most comprehensive Maslow instruction guide available
  • Exclusive Setup & Calibration Guarantee. Also, US-based customer support, and weekly CNC Community Zoom calls. If you’re new to CNC, MakerMade has you covered
  • Free access to Makerverse- the most accessible control software ever designed for a Maslow machine
  • Steel frame mounts that simplify assembly and ensure your work surface is secure and properly angled.
  • Improvement of chain slack solution; reduced chance for chain wrap
  • Increased milling and z-axis accuracy
  • Simpler calibration process and overall user experience thanks to new control board and software
  • JTech laser module ready (2.8w laser and components included with laser option)
  • T-Nut locking system for z-axis offers easy, quick adjustment to swap out and center different router sizes

Developed in Arkansas | Free US Shipping | Dedicated Support Team

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Product Summary:

The ideal CNC machine for small business owners, DIYers and hobbyists, MakerMade M2 delivers a massive cutting area and advanced capabilities at the most economical price. And with its upright 4x8 ft design, the M2 stores neatly in any garage or workspace. Simple, free software and a guided setup means you’ll be up and making in no time.

Our best-selling CNC now features laser engraving capabilities, so checkout with the M2 + Laser option below and enjoy our most popular offering yet.

Router must be purchased separately.

Get to Know the Highest Value CNC Ever Made

  • Highly Economical: No-frills design perfect for weekend warriors, side hustlers and scrappy businesses
  • Massively Capable: A 4x8 ft. cutting area, 2 ft. deep footprint and cutting speeds up to 40 inches per minute
  • Space Saving: Unique upright design provides large cutting area in a fraction of the space
  • Fully Flexible: Cuts wood, soft metals, plastics, foam and many more materials
  • Technically Advanced: Laser and engraving capabilities (2.8w laser and components included with laser option selection)
  • Perfectly Tidy: Universal built-in dust collection for automated clean up

Here’s what comes standard with the M2:

M2 Kit Contents

  • Electronic control board with enhanced capabilities
  • X, Y and Z-axis motors
  • Chain ring mount hardware
  • 11 ft drive chains
  • M2 enhanced dust collection sled
  • Standard (71 mm) router clamp
  • Velcro brick straps for added safety
  • Chain tension bungee spring
  • 1/8 in upcut, downcut, and straight cut router bits with 1/4 in to 1/8 in collet reducer
  • New, all metal Z-axis assembly with 3.8 in of total travel
  • Fully customizable dust collection solution
  • Frame wall mount brackets
  • OPTIONAL Laser engraving addition for dynamic projects

The MakerMade Guarantee:

At MakerMade, we are committed to offering a fantastic product and great support. If there is an issue with the product you receive, we will make it right as quickly as possible. We offer:

  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1 year parts-replacement warranty
  • Free technical support and a calibration guarantee
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Detailed assembly guides
  • Step-by-step Assembly Videos
  • A world-wide community with thousands of makers always ready to help and share ideas.

You simply won't find a CNC of this caliber, price, and support anywhere else on the market.

Use promo code MASLOW10 for 10% off your order!

Visit MakerMade to purchase.


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This is the real Maslow CNC kit that has been sold on this site. We have worked with Bar to establish our supply chain and keep the kits alive in the community. We would love your support and hope to continue to provide kits and parts to everyone that needs them.


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