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Bucket Stand

Stand that holds a bucket or flower pot or anything else that is about 10.5 inches and tapered.

Community Garden Website


Open Crutch

An open source CNC cut crutch which can be resized to be right for the person using it

I love Oregon Cornhole

A corn hole board for those who love Oregon

Coat Hanger 1

This is a wall mounted hanger for coats.

Maslow Logo

A quick and easy test project


I made a cupboard in 3D to make with maslow

Victorian Architectural Details Repository

Place for easily CNC-able Victorian architectural details such as railings

Cub Scout Bridge

Collapsible bridge for use in Cub Scout bridging/graduation cermonies.

Maslow Tablet Holder

Brackets to attach a cheap RCA to the frame to control Maslow

Coat Hanger 2

This is a wall mounted hanger for coats. It is a different design than Coat Hanger 1

Pour Over Coffee Stand

Stand to hold a single cup style pour over filter holder.

Sled With Center Alignment Jig

A version of the sled which leaves in the center part to help with router alignment

Maslow Ring System

The design files for the Maslow ring system

Forrest Gump Park Bench

Quick park bench inspired by the Forrest Gump bench.

Router Bungie Cap - Creative Commons License, attribution

3D printed Cap to keep bungie cords over the top of your router.

Freecad Final Sled with CAM files

Is the Maslow Final sled for Freecad 0.17

Growth Ruler

Growth chart in the form of a larger ruler

Sled with BUILT IN dust collector.

Dust collector built in to the Maslow CNC slide.

TLE5206 PowerControl Boards

PowerControl board based on the TLE5206. Thru-hole and SMD versions

Minecraft Sword and Axe

Files for a toy sword and axe which look like they are from the game Minecraft

A Simple Night Stand

A simple open source night stand

Max from The Grinch

Max is 36 inches tall and the inside lines are roughly drawn and this is a first attempt.

Picnic Table To Go

A kids size flat pack picnic table.

Goat pedestal

A toy for my friend's mini goats, and a way to test a new fastener

Working Desk

easy to build working desk, without using srews, made with 9mm plywood (also the uploaded files a prepared for 9mm material)

Finger Joint Letter Box

A letter box created by Rancher

Fold Flat Chair

A flat folding chair which is easy to store

The Meticulous Z-Axis

An improved Z-Axis sled that uses the Rigid R2200 as the spindle

CNC Cut Dish Rack

A CNC cut over-sink dish rack

Sutro Tower Coat Rack

A coat rack of SF's sutro tower

Edge Clamp Connector

Clamp style connector allowing you to join the edges of plywood or other materials together.

Rigid Hose Adapter

A dust hose adapter and strain relief for the Rigid router

Linkage Kit Sled Templates

Sled templates including the mounting holes for the different linkage kits

Chain Guide

A chain guide to increase chain engagement with the sprocket on the original frame

Original Maslow Sled Design

The original quadrilateral design for the sled

Arduino Plug

Cap to cover the Arduino Power port so you can only plug power into the correct port on the Maslow shield.