3D Printed Linkage

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3D Printed Linkage

3D Printed Sled Linkage System


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These were all printed solid.

I printed Base, Chainholder, and Arm 2 in ABS and the Hinge components and Arm 1 in PC.

The Chain Holder has location holes for pins to secure the chain. They'll need to be drilled to the proper diameter for your pin... I used nails but, I'm sure Cotter Pins, Dowel Pins, Spring Pins would be better.

Also, all interface holes are slightly undersized. Since Slop is compounded and would effect accuracy. All interface holes will need to be drilled to the proper diameter.



1/4"-20 Black-Oxide Alloy Steel 1 3/8" Fully Threaded 0.375" 0.25" 3/16" 170,000 ASTM A574 10 91251A543 $6.28

Zinc-Plated Steel 1/4"-20 7/16" 5/16" 220° 100 90640A129 $4.27