Maslow Firmware

This is the firmware which controls the Maslow CNC machine

Ground Control

Ground Control is the program which allows you to control the Maslow CNC machine.

Maslow Electronics

The printed circuit board which powers the Maslow CNC Machine

Maslow CNC Kit

The overall summary of the Maslow CNC machine

Community Garden Website

This is the code which generates the Maslow Community Garden website which you are most likely reading. Meta right?

The Default Frame

The default Maslow CNC frame

TLE5206 PowerControl Boards

PowerControl board based on the TLE5206. Thru-hole and SMD versions

Maslow Ring System Sled

The design files for the Maslow ring system

Big Z-value display

Be able to see the current Z value of your maslow from all over the workshop

Ground Control Automated Release Script

This script is run to built a new release of the Ground Control software and upload it to the releases page on GitHub

Freecad Final Sled with CAM files

Is the Maslow Final sled for Freecad 0.17

Z axis 37mm motor holder for C-Beam Open builds 40x80 aluminum profile. and motor mount.

easily mount a 37mm Zaxis motor on a 40x80 aluminum Cbeam.

Sharpie Pen Holder by krkeegan

Sharpie Pen Holder that was originally created by krkeegan and is designed to hold the pen so that you can use the maslow to draw lines on the material.

Original Maslow Sled Design

The original quadrilateral design for the sled

Maslow CNC with Panel Saw mod by John Montani.

This is a Sketchup model in 3d Warehouse of the Maslow CNC and my panel saw adapted to the Maslow frame. by John Montani

3D Printed Chain guide and locking pin

A easy to print option using existing mounting points and screws and includes a hole to hook the loose end of chain.

3D Printed Chain Guides

3D Printed Linkage

3D Printed Sled Linkage System

Inexpensive fixes for z-axis slack imprecision on Maslow CNC

## Issues addressed:

* Eliminate play in z-axis worm

The Meticulous Z-Axis

An improved Z-Axis sled that uses the Rigid R2200 as the spindle

EZ Motor Mounts

Design file used to make the Maslow EZ motor mount by Bee & Dlang

Sled with BUILT IN dust collector.

Dust collector built in to the Maslow CNC slide.

Community Garden Robot

The robot which handles voting and merging pull requests on community projects

Maslow Tablet Holder

Brackets to attach a cheap RCA to the frame to control Maslow

Test File

This is just a test - to see if my files work in the garden

Sled With Center Alignment Jig

A version of the sled which leaves in the center part to help with router alignment

Linkage Kit Sled Templates

Sled templates including the mounting holes for the different linkage kits

Rigid Hose Adapter

A dust hose adapter and strain relief for the Rigid router

Bolt Together Maslow Frame

Bar's bolt together Maslow frame design

Maslow Chain guides

Chain guides for Maslow

Chain Guide

A chain guide to increase chain engagement with the sprocket on the original frame

Fold Flat Chair

A flat folding chair which is easy to store

Working Desk

An easy to build working desk, without using srews, made with 9mm plywood (also the uploaded files a prepared for 9mm material)

small BBQ table

small BBQ table. Can be disassembled and assembled.

Fancy Cupcake Stand

This is the design files for a cupcake stand that can also be a free-standing display

CNC Cut Dish Rack

A CNC cut over-sink dish rack

Template Picnic Table

A template to construct a picnic table

A Simple Night Stand

A simple open source night stand


I made a cupboard in 3D to make with maslow

Nazca Lines Bed

Nazca lines bed

Cub Scout Bridge

Collapsible bridge for use in Cub Scout bridging/graduation cermonies.

Sutro Tower Coat Rack

A coat rack of SF's sutro tower

Mudroom Storage Bench

A storage bench to live in mudroom/entry way

Forrest Gump Park Bench

Quick park bench inspired by the Forrest Gump bench.

MCM End Table

Mid-Century inspired end table. Two can be cut out of one 4x8 sheet of material

Maslow Stool

Simple Stool with footrest and Maslow Logo - Slightly Altered

Coat Hanger 1

This is a wall mounted hanger for coats.

Cat House

Interlocking skeleton cat house made of 10 mm plywood

Goat pedestal

A toy for my friend's mini goats, and a way to test a new fastener

Finger Joint Letter Box

A letter box created by Rancher

Rocket Corner Shelf (with flame)

A corner shelf shaped like a rocket. The picture is of initial design. The current design has a smaller center shelf, so it does not overlap the side.

18" Wok Holder

A wok holder that hangs on the wall and holds 1 wok. Says "WOK" in Chinese on front.

Garage Shelf

Space saving curvy garage utility shelf with cutouts and support/alignment grooves, sized to fit in a narrow space under a light switch and top two shelves designed for puppy food. My first Maslow project. Designed with Autodesk Fusion360 for 1/2" ply. Had a few accuracy issues with the edges of Maslow cut area.

Growth Ruler

Growth chart in the form of a larger ruler

Picnic Table To Go

A kids size flat pack picnic table.

Coat Hanger 2

This is a wall mounted hanger for coats. It is a different design than Coat Hanger 1

Open Crutch

An open source CNC cut crutch which can be resized to be right for the person using it

PlyPad Module 2 (Shelves)

Module two of the plypad containing shelves

PlyPad Module 1 (Desk)

The first PlyPad Module containing the desk

Pour Over Coffee Stand

Stand to hold a single cup style pour over filter holder.

PlyPad Module 3 (Bed)

PlyPad Module 3 with bed

Victorian Architectural Details Repository

Place for easily CNC-able Victorian architectural details such as railings

Maslow Logo

A quick and easy test project

Christmas - Grinch Family - Grinch

This is a Christmas Yard Art project. It is a 2 tool setup that is first drawn with the marker holder and then with the router (1/4 in bit).

Fortnite Sign

My Son is huge into Fortnite as am i honestly! Its a fun game we can play together and he loves playing with his friends. As im sure many of you know!!! This is one of my first projects with my new Maslow and i love it! It took quite a few hours to run. I ran into a slight bump issue on the O but just a little chisel fixed the issue and i was good to go! This is my first project upload and first time uploading to GitHub so bare with any missing info!!

Christmas - Grinch Family - Cindy Lou Who

This is a Christmas Yard Art project. It is a 2 tool setup that is first drawn with the marker holder and then with the router (1/4 in bit).

Christmas - Grinch Family - Max

Max is 36 inches tall and is designed to use the maslow to draw the inside features and the router to cut him out.

This space is moderated by the community and is a central listing space for parts and kits useful to and sold by the Maslow community. To be listed in this category a product must have a price and a current link to purchase.


Maslow kits Pre-Order!

Kits are back! Head over to [Maker Made CNC]( to secure your pre-order now. The kits will include the ring kit and z-axis. We are on schedule to ship in December. Just in time for the holidays.


Maslow Brains Motor Shield (formerly Blue Smoke Herder Shield)

Advance Maslow Motor Controller


Maslow triangulation linkage kit

This is a kit to build a linkage system for a Maslow CNC machine that enables triangular kinematics (as opposed to quadrilateral kinematics) for more accurate cuts and a more stable router sled.


Motor Mount Bracket

This is a motor mount bracket that is compatible with both GQ31ZY and GW370 gear motors.


Arduino Shield v1.2

The Maslow Arduino shield version 1.2b


Mega 2560 R3

One Keyestudio MEGA 2560 R3 micro controller (Arduino compatible) with USB cord + extension to connect to your computer.


Motor Wire - Single

Black cable with the same connector on each end, used to connect the motors to the motor controller shield.


Hardware set #3

Surplus hardware bag from Maslow kits


EU Power Supply

Maslow power supply with EU plug


Maslow Z-Axis Kit

Includes: (1) Z Axis Motor, motor mounting brackets, (1) motor power cable, shaft coupler (choose size), hardware set


Maslow CNC Motor

One Motor/Encoder/Gear Box Unit. These are identical to the motors in the original Maslow kit and are surplus from the last batch of kits sold.


Carriage Brackets

One pair of Sled Ring Bearing Carriages to hold bearings as the roll along sled rings.


US Power Supply

Maslow Power Supply with US Plug

15 EUR

Bosch POF1200 Top mount

Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kit 2.0


Custom Made Sled Ring Bearings

One set of (4) sled ring bearings.


Chain Tension Hardware Kit

Hardware to tension the slack side of the chain


Medium Hardware Bag

A surplus Maslow hardware bag


Surplus L Bracket

This L bracket is used to attach the ring to the sled and two of them together are used to hold the z-axis motor.

Tabletop Arcade

2 player Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet.

I love Oregon Cornhole

A corn hole board for those who love Oregon

Red Wagon Fighter Jet

Convert a red wagon into a fighter jet

Storage Rack for Plastic Organisers

A easy to build rack for plastic storage trays

Dolley 20 inch

Five wheel Dolley. Files generated using Onshape and Kiri Moto. All files for this project were generated using ONSHAPE. Here is a link to a great video that will get you started using Onshape and Kiri Moto. All files are available in ONSHAPE:

3D Printed Router Bit Holder for Peg Board

Printing this piece will allow you to mount your bits in their case to a peg board

Wire Dispenser with 3d Printed Spools

A easy way to organise small wires that usually just come as a bundle. I used 12mm ply and cut the slots in both sides. first just the slots on one side, then the slots including the backing board and the outlines on the second side. The thin stip in the centre is not to be cut but the 3 holes drilled in it are used to align the piece on the second side.

Wave Joint

Simple cut to joint to pieces.


Child's ride on Biplane

Minecraft Sword and Axe

Files for a toy sword and axe which look like they are from the game Minecraft

Vacuum Hose Clamp

Vacuum hose clamp 2.25 inch. All files for this project were generated using ONSHAPE. Here is a link to a great video that will get you started using Onshape and Kiri Moto. [YouTube]( All files are available in ONSHAPE: [OnShape](

Bucket Stand

Stand that holds a bucket or flower pot or anything else that is about 10.5 inches and tapered.

Router Bungie Cap - Creative Commons License, attribution

3D printed Cap to keep bungie cords over the top of your router.

Arduino Plug

Cap to cover the Arduino Power port so you can only plug power into the correct port on the Maslow shield.

Nightmare Before Christmas Figures

Nightmare Before Christmas Figures

Testing GC, will be delted

Testing GC, will be delted

The Cell PC

A custom PC case

Edge Clamp Connector

Clamp style connector allowing you to join the edges of plywood or other materials together.

Slab Flattening Router Jig

This project will allow you to build a jig to process large rough-cut slabs of lumber for use in your other projects

Pine Ipod Case

Ipod case made with .75 inch pine

1990 Volvo 240 Radio Insert

The insert which holds the radio in place in a 1990 Volvo 240

Clamp for DUST HOSE 2.75 in (72.489 MM)

Clamp for dust hose made with 3/8 inch ply.