CNC Cut Dish Rack

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CNC Cut Dish Rack

A CNC cut over-sink dish rack

I read this 99% invisible article about Finnish dish drying cabnets which let you keep your dishes directly over the sink so that instead of draining into a dish rack (which is invariably gross), they drain directly into the sink.

I wanted one, but I live in an appartment and I can't install a cabnet so I made a shelf version. I've had mine for several months now, and I love it.

You can find the open source CAD files here, along with the generated gcode if you just want to cut right away.

The original OnShape CAD document is also open source and available free here:

The Original OnShape Document

The dishrack installed:


My frined Mimi liked it and made her own:

Mimi dish rack


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I coated my dish rack with three coats of polyurithane.

Once the polyurithane had dried I screwed the parts together using 1.5 inch long screws. Four screws through the top of the dish rack attach the arms, and four screws through the sides of the arms attach the basket which holds the spoons. Pre-drilling these holes before putting the screws in is a good idea.

I then gave it one final coat of polyurithane to protect the spaces between the parts.


To make my dish rack I used:

  • 3/4 Shop grade plywood
  • Minwax fast-drying polyurethane
  • 1.5 inch wood screws
  • Shelf brackets (there was already a shelf above my sink so I used the existing brackets)