Rigid Router

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Rigid Router

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Ridgid 11-Amp 2 Peak Hp 1/2" Corded Variable Fixed Base Router (R22002)

  • 11 Amp, 2-peak horsepower motor provides the power needed for dense material
  • Electronic variable speed with feedback helps maintain speed under load
  • Micro-depth adjustment for precise depth control
  • Soft start for gradual start-up and extended life of motor

91mm Base - requires additional 91mm Clamp to fit M2.

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Available in US ONLY

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DUE Shield

GRBL based motor shield for use with Arduino DUE micro-controller board (not included).

This board was designed by a Maslow community member and utilizes GRBL based firmware instead of the Maslow firmware.

To read more about this product and it’s uses, please follow the link below:


This product does not include an Arduino DUE board

Available for purchase at Maker Made CNC


Available for purchase at MakerMade CNC