Goat pedestal

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Goat pedestal

A toy for my friend's mini goats, and a way to test a new fastener

This project was primarily a way to test a new fastener system which is using imbeded t nuts in the plywood to hold parts together.

The big advantage of this system is that because the holes are predrilled and counter sunk as a part of the same operation as cutting the parts all of the inteligance is in the design. Assembly just involves tightening the parts together with a hex key.

I'm very impressed with how solid these are. Lets see how they stand up to being jumped on by goats.

A quick video about making the goat stand can be seen here

The download includes common 3D CAD models for the stand, a DXF of the parts ready to cut, and the original OnShape file is available here

a front view of maslow cnc goat stand

goat on top from front

goat on top from back


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Assembly using t nuts is pretty simple. I found it easier to get the threads started with the nut rotated 90 degrees so that I could easily hold the nut between my fingers.

The only tool required is a hex key.

I used blue wood stain to give the goat some color and applied it with a disposable foam brush. After the stain dried I sanded the front surface to remove any which got outside of the goat pocket.



Part Number Link
Tnuts 20 MMC
Bolts 20 MMC
Plywood 1 Lowes

Other: Loctite