2021 M2 Automated Cutting Machine Kit

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2021 M2 Automated Cutting Machine Kit

Make Bigger. Make Better. Make More with the 2021 M2 – the largest hobbyist CNC under $6000

The M2 is much more than a CNC machine. It’s groundbreaking making! The M2 is an affordable, easy-to-use tool for new and experienced Makers alike.

Developed in Arkansas. Shipping All Over the World.

Free US Shipping every day! (*Router not included)

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Product Summary:

In stock and ready to ship. The world’s first wall-mounted CNC kit is here, ready to help you create custom furniture, signs and all kinds of BIG, creative projects from your own home. The M2 puts the power in your hands, with more cutting space for your buck than any other automated cutting machine on the market. You simply won’t find a more capable and affordable, large format CNC kit. The M2 is your making shortcut, an introduction to woodworking/milling, and a way to make things you never dreamed possible.


Maker Made has taken the principle of the Maslow and upgraded every key feature. The M2 cuts up to 40% faster, its motor is cooler and more efficient, the router bit is smaller for better accuracy. The machine is compatible with any control software and is no longer tied to Maslow-specific software.

  • Improved Z-Axis control and speed
  • Updated Chain Slack Management
  • Intuitive New Makerverse Control Software; compatible with any Machine Control Software
  • Moves to a ⅛” bit from ¼” for Greater Accuracy
  • Better, Attractive Aesthetics with a Screen Printed Sled
  • Easier Setup with a Partially Assembled Machine in the Box
  • NEW Mounting Brackets for Extremely Easy Storage

M2 Kit Contents


Makerverse is a GRBL CNC control application that has custom controls made specifically for the M2 and original Maslow. It can also connect to and control many other hobbyist CNC machines such as the X-carve and Shapeoko. The application is derived from the open source CNCjs project and will continue to receive new features and updates from the Maker Made team.

M2 Resources:

We provide a comprehensive resources page complete with a plain English assembly guide, videos and new content all the time.

M2 Kit Contents

The MakerMade Guarantee:

At MakerMade, we are committed to offering a fantastic product and great support. If there is an issue with the product you receive, we will make it right as quickly as possible.

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This is the real Maslow CNC kit that has been sold on this site. We have worked with Bar to establish our supply chain and keep the kits alive in the community. We would love your support and hope to continue to provide kits and parts to everyone that needs them.


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