Maslow Complete kit + Powerful v1.5b shield + Automated Z-axis.

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Maslow Complete kit + Powerful v1.5b shield + Automated Z-axis.

In stock now, all you need to start projects today! Maslow by EastBaySourca is a more capable and affordable, large format 4 x 8 feet CNC kit.

Ships today from USA via priority mail (3-5 days to deliver, or 6-10 days international).

Visit EastBaySource to purchase.

This is the latest version of the Maslow cnc kit, the system that is currently being used by thousands of makers worldwide, a well proven machine capable of cutting all of the projects you see online.

What is included:

  • Complete Kit
  • New, Most powerfull plug n' play control board, Made in USA
  • Easy 5 steps calibration
  • Updated Chain Slack Management
  • Ring System
  • Y / X / Z Powerfull Worm Geared Motors
  • Z-axis control
  • All software included for free
  • Export directly from Fusion360, Easel, Inkscape and more..
  • Free ready to cut projects
  • 6 Months Full Warranty on All Parts Including Shipping

Complete Kit


All kits to this day cut at the same speed and accuracy as the original, regardless of its vendor.

The Maslow cnc project started its life after a successful KickStarter campaign. Since then, three official versions of this kit were made by Barbour Smith (kit creator) before he decided to outsource the sales.

  • v1 Original kit with two heavy L brackets (instead the ring system), and NO motorized/automated z-axis.
  • v2 Option for a motorized/automated Z-axis was added.
  • v3 Latest version with Ring system (instead L brackets), motorized/automated Z-axis.

(There is also a linkage kit version created by community members that replaces the ring system and seems to work as good as the original, however it is not nearly as widely used as the well proven ring system created by Bar Smith.)

The price of the latest Maslow kit with z-axis and ring system sold by Bar Smith after the kickstarter campaign was U$S 410 + shipping.

We are proud to be offering the complete kit with improved electronics for U$S 399, all without sacrificing quality.

New shield v1.5

  • Complete parts list HERE

  • Download the software HERE

  • Firmware HERE

  • Step by step assembly guide HERE

  • How to cut your own sled HERE

  • Download a free copy of Inkscape HERE

  • Free projects HERE

  • Software and sample projects are also downloadable for free HERE thanks to Bar and the community.

We wish to extend a huge "THANK YOU" to the Maslow community members, for being generous enough to share their amazing work and be a constant support for new users.

We are an authorized Maslow cnc supplier. Maslow cnc is an open source project created by Bar Smith and funded/supported by the Maslow community, we are honored to be part of it and to be allowed to be a source for quality and honest/improved kits.

Providers at the moment to choose from:


Do your research!, compare and decide what's best for you.



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This is the latest and most up to date version of the Maslow kit that has been sold previously on this site by Bar Smith (original creator).

We are committed to continue supplying quality kits and parts to the Maslow community.

Our kit is the one sold by the thousands, it's not only a well proven and functional design but it also comes with the latest and all new shield version that won't let you down (TLE5206 v1.4)

What is included:

  • Complete Kit
  • Ring System
  • All New Plug and Play Shield TLE5206 v1.4 made in USA (originally designed by @blurfl to supersede the old v1.2)
  • Y / X / Z Original Etonm Motors
  • Z-axis control
  • All needed software for free
  • Sprocket Alignment Tool
  • All hardware needed to assemble (chains, brackets, bolts, cables and more..)
  • 6 Months Full Warranty on All Parts Including Shipping

What is not included:

  • Computer
  • 2x4's to build the wooden frame
  • Router
  • 2 Bricks

NOTE. There are 4 kit providers at the moment to choose from:

  • @EastBaySource
  • @MetalMaslow
  • @MaslowSurplusParts
  • @MakerMadecnc

Do your research, compare and decide what's best for you.

We are Bar Smith AUTORIZED Maslow kit suppliers




You can order the Maslow kit from here.