Maslow Full kit + Latest v1.4 shield + Automated Z-axis.

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Maslow Full kit + Latest v1.4 shield + Automated Z-axis.

In stock now, all you need to start projects today!

Ships today from USA via priority mail (3-5 days to deliver, or 6-10 days international).

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This is the latest version of the Original Maslow cnc kit with upgrades, a proven system currently been used by thousands of makers worldwide!


  • Latest shield V1.4 included at no extra cost ($75 value) with router on/off capability.
  • Improved, stronger ring, carriages and L brackets.
  • Automated Z-axis control.
  • Upgraded motor gears.
  • 6 months full warranty on all parts (including shipping).
  • Free support.

We are here to help and collaborate, we always answer all our e-mails within a day.

NOTE. The new shield v1.4 was a much needed upgrade to the kit, it was initially created by a community member @blurf to solve the problems of the shield v1.2 (burn out), and it is now produced by us with a few safety improvements. 
Support for this shield was also included in the original firmware since version 1.4 (more than a year ago). It is a Plug and Play shield made in USA that will not fail

New shield v1.4

See more about the old (1.2) vs latest shield (v1.4) HERE

Do your research, compare and then decide on what is best for you :)

  • See our complete parts list HERE

  • Download the original software HERE.

  • Original Firmware HERE

  • Official step by step assembly guide HERE.

Check out the website where users are posting, and sharing their amazing work for free HERE. Just click on any project you like and download the files to recreate their work.

  • Software and sample projects have been always downloadable for free thanks to Bar and the community.

We wish to extend a huge "THANK YOU" to the Maslow community members, for being generous enough to share their amazing work and be a constant support for new users.

We are an authorized third party supplier aswell. Maslow cnc is an open source created by Bar Smith and funded/supported by the Maslow community, we are honored to be part of it and to be allowed to be a source for quality and improved kits.



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This is a Maslow kit with the latest upgrades.

  • We are and AUTORIZED kit supplier as well. Don't get misled with marketing techniques into buy an outdated kit. Do your research and decide what's best for you.

You can follow step by step instructions to assembly and use it here

NOTE there are 4 kit providers at the moment to choose from:

  • @EastBaySource
  • @MetalMaslow
  • @MaslowSurplusParts
  • @MakerMadecnc

We ALL share the same rights to sell these kits.

The original kit from Bar IS NOT LONGER SOLD

We believe competition pushes forward innovation and service, and it should be focused in the actual product, not in questionable misleading information and marketing techniques.




You can order the Maslow kit from here.