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Open Crutch

An open source CNC cut crutch which can be resized to be right for the person using it

This crutch was designed by one of our kickstarter backers who is a nurse named Jessica. She chose to make it open source so that anyone could have easy access to crutches. What an amazing thing to give to the world!

Here's a picture of the crutch in our shop:

open crutch in the maslow shop

Note from jwolter: This project was the co-winner of the Maslow Forums' Community Gardener badge on April 11, 2018.


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Jessica says this crutch is designed for a 5'6" person. The basic formula for computing the proper height of a crutch is 77% of the height of the patient. As such this file will need to be scaled up or down for the ideal fit. It will need to be cut out of 3/4" to 1" ply to be strong enough. Thinner plywood may work for children's crutches After cutting, she recomends wraping the top and the handle in a standard gauze roll for padding. There are little notches in the foot to add a little friction. Rubber bands placed here might also help.


The crutch is intended to be ultra low cost so no materials are needed other than the plywood the crutch is cut from and possibly some bandage gauze to provide padding around the top and on the grip.