PlyPad Module 2 (Shelves)

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PlyPad Module 2 (Shelves)

Module two of the plypad containing shelves

The original CAD files can be found here OnShape

The PlyPad project was a project run by Maslow during the winter of 2017 in cooperation with SERA Architects, the Portland Art Museum, and the PSU School of Design. The goal was to provide transitional shelter to a previously housless woman through the Kenton Womens Village.

The project was an experiment on multiple fronts with multiple organizations directing the design, and an experimental construction technique and I would not recommend building this design again directly, however many of the lessons learned are valuable and can be easily applied to future projects or an updated and improved version of this design.

CAD Drawing of the module:

CAD Drawing

Loading the shelf module onto the flat bed truck:

Loading the shelf module onto the flat bed truck

Shelf module installed in Kenton:

Shelf module installed in Kenton

Shelf module on display at the Portland Art Museum:

Shelf module on display at the Portland Art Museum

Shelves interior:

Shelves interior

Shelves interior two:

shelves interior two


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The CNC cut parts were run while simultaneously using the templates to cut notches in the edges of the other plywood sheets

With the parts all cut 2x4s were run along the seams to provide a medium to screw into and the plywood parts for the internal walls were slotted and screwed into place

Ridid foam insulation was then bonded into the wall with construction adhesive to form one side of a SIP panel, and the outer wall section was slotted into place.


One of the biggest lessons learned from this project was the importance of generating a complete bill of materials before starting the project. Having a single shopping list and ordering all the parts delivered could have saved us a TON of time. Because we never generated one I do not have a complete list, I will do my best to link to the general materials used as a reference.

Material Estimated Number Cost Source
15/32nds ACX Plywood 4 Sheets $29 Lowes
15/32nds CDX Plywood 4 Sheets $24
3/4 Plywood 3 Sheets $29
Metal Roofing 4 Sheets $28 HomeDepot
House Wrap .1 Roll
Butyl Tape .75 Roll
Window 1 $150
Polyurithane 1 Gallon $27
3.5 Inch PolyIso Insulation 4 Sheets $47