Pour Over Coffee Stand

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Pour Over Coffee Stand

Stand to hold a single cup style pour over filter holder.

This was cut from 23/32nd (3/4 inch) CDX plywood with a 1/4in bit.

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About the Files

This the original was created used 3/4in (23/32nd) CDX plywood with a 1/4 inch bit 2 flute up spiral bit.

OnShape CAD file here:



DXF export from Onshape of parts in CAD.


SVG file of the parts that can go straight to MakerCAM (or your CAM of choice) for tool path generation.


GCode .nc file that can go straight to the Maslo if you are cutting this out of 3/4 inch plywood or similiar with a 1/4 inch bit. Notable feeds and speeds: + Feeds for pockets and profiles: 20 inches/minute + Step down: 0.15 inches + Target Depth: 0.80 inches + Safety Height: 0.125 inches


Not much to buy here. You will need: wood, sand paper, glue, stain-varish-finish if you want.