Sled With Center Alignment Jig

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Sled With Center Alignment Jig

A version of the sled which leaves in the center part to help with router alignment

This version of the sled leaves the middle puck in place and adds a center hole which can be used to help align the router on the sled.

The original credit for this idea goes to Stephen_Slagle who proposed the idea.

The CAD file for this project can be found here: OnShape

The download includes DXF and SVG files for the design, the MakerCAM project file if you just need to tweak the router bit size or such, and ready to run Gcode for a 1/4 inch router bit. Note that tabs are not saved from MakerCAM so you will need to re-add the tabs.

A photo of the back side (ignore the extra cuts, this was made from the backerboard of my original machine):

Maslow sled with center alignment jig


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  1. Leave the router bit you used to cut out this sled chucked up in your router
  2. Attach the ring as you normally would (using the alignment holes for guidance)
  3. Place the router bit through the center hole to ensure perfect alignment and attach the router base
  4. Remove the router from the base and knock out the central puck which is held in place with thin tabs
  5. Re-insert the router into the base and you are all set

One question in these instructions is that you can nolonger use the plastic base of the router as a drilling guide, how do you mark and accurately drill the holes for the router? Please propose edits to this page with recomendations.


I cut my sled from 3/4 inch shop grade plywood

I used this router bit