The Meticulous Z-Axis

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The Meticulous Z-Axis

An improved Z-Axis sled that uses the Rigid R2200 as the spindle


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~~Run the "PrototypeSled" programs on good 18mm plywood. Either run the "All" program or run each tool program on its own, depending on your tool change preference.~~

~~Tool changes are (in order):~~

~~1) T3 = Engrave (Engraving bit of your choice)~~

~~2) T4 = Drill (1/8" drill bit)~~

~~3) T2 = 0125in-2FL (1/8" 2 flute upshear bit)~~

~~4) T1 = 0250in-1Fl (1/4" 1 flute upshear bit)~~

The above instructions are outdated. For more information on tool changes, please refer to the comments in the file.

Link to Fusion360 Model:

Assemble the components according to the 3D model provided, using the tabs to line each of the parts up. Use wood glue on each connection, then scew through the 1/8" pilot hole using a #8 wood screw to clamp the parts together while the glue dries. Attach the Z-Axis lead screw and linear guides according to the model.

Run the "DustWindow" part on 1/8" plexiglass using an 1/8" two flute upshear bit.

Print the Dust Hood Body, Chute, and adaptor using either your own or your friend's 3D printer. I can also print you one if you don't have easy access to a printer. PM me (MeticulousMaynard) and I'll get one out to you for some postage and the cost of the plastic.

The body of the dust hood has some holes in it. You will need to use heat-set threaded inserts in these holes so that you can screw down the dust window with a screwdriver.



These pulleys are optional, if you want to increase axis travel speed while still using the stock motor:


  • An assortment of #8 wood screws

  • 2x 1/4-20 x 1 1/2" hex cap screws, with nylock nut and washers

Dust Hood:


*: This kit is actually 400mm, I just cut down the parts. You could order a 300mm long kit instead.

**: The parts listed have a 1/4" bore. The lead screw is 8mm, so you will need to bore out the pulley, or find a 8mm bore pulley