Wavy wall decoration

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Wavy wall decoration

Wavy wood ribs that make a visual appealing frame to hang on the wall.

Wavy wall decoration


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There are 9 svg files with the shape of the 26 ribs that compose the frame. Use a CAM software to get the gcode files to cut the shapes (I used Easel).

The shapes have 3 colors. The blue shapes are for "profiles cuts", the red shapes are "follow path cuts" and the green shapes are for "pocket cuts". Profile and follow paths must cut through all the wood (I used 5 tabs on each shape to keep them fixed).

Special care must be taken in files "slicesset7(1219).svg" and "slicesset9(25_26).svg", because they keep ribs number 1 and 26 (the left and right most ribs). In those ribs the red shapes and green shapes (pockets) must not be cut through (I cut about 1.2cm).



To get all 26 ribs cut, I used 9 wood 100cm x 50cm x 1.8cm panels.

To keep them all together, I used two wood slats 3cm x 3cm x 200cm.

I fixed all the ribs to the slats with 2.5cm screws, using the notches I left in the back of each rib.

I used also 6 cylinder led lights that I embedded downwards in the low wood slat, with a toggle switch and a 240V AC to 12V DC transformer.