M2 Dust Collection Sled

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M2 Dust Collection Sled

Our brand new custom milled, screen-printed sled created for the M2 and backwards compatible with Maslow. Featuring multiple layers of cross-stacked and lacquered, solid wood with a slick finish. This sled provides a smooth movement across your work surface, while collecting dust and chips in its built-in dust collection port.

Product includes: * Pre-made sled with included pilot holes for perfect sled alignment * 2 metal brick-mounting straps * Pre-drilled holes for precise sled L-bracket mounting * Embedded dust-collection duct with 2in PVC elbow * Acrylic dust-collection duct cover (should remove paper top upon arrival) * Lacquered top finish to protect against wear, moisture, and dust. Guaranteed compatible with any router that works with the M2 kit. Bricks not included.

Dimensions: * Diameter- 18in (457mm) * Thickness- 5/8in (15.9mm)

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