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This is a remix of: but in normal fashion, Thingiverse can't find any results searching in the remix source files box.....

I liked the above design, but wanted something cheaper that 10 or more of those containers. I also have a Maslow CNC so I decided to combine the printed parts from above with an MDF box I cut.

I used 0.093" thickness Lexan sheet for the front window. You can see I designed in a recess for it in the front panel, and I used silicone to glue it in after painting the box.

I picked up some cheap window weatherstrip at Lowes to seal the top.

The top is a basic rectangle I cut on the table saw, dimensions should be easily measured after the box is assembled.

I used silica packets from Amazon to aid in moisture protection:

I used some basic hinges and latches from the hardware store too.

There is also a thread pertaining to this design over at:


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