How does the garden work?

The Maslow community garden is a place for community driven open source designs to live.

The garden is different from other design sharing sites in three ways.


To encourage discussion each project is automatically linked to a topic in the Maslow forums. GitHub provides each project with a wiki, issue tracking, and community management tools.


Instead of having static files controlled by a single project creator, the garden stores files in GitHub repositories making it possible for the community to collaborate, contribute, and maintain a projects design files.


Each project is self contained. The community garden website is automatically regenerated every 5 minutes from a list of tracked projects. This means that there is no central organization responsible for ownership of design files.

You can find more instruction on how to interact with projects here

Here is a quick introduction video on how to interact with the Garden

Here is a quick introduction video on how to edit a project created by someone else in the Community Garden:

Let's have fun and make amazing things!