# A 3D Printer with practical features for creative creatures.

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The Maker Made 300x 3D Printer

A 3D Printer with practical features for creative creatures.

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Product Summary:

What is a 3D Printer? It might sound a little “woo-woo” to you because honestly – the technology does entail a bit of magic. A 3D Printer is basically a highly intelligent hot glue gun. It’s a robot that melts materials (called filaments) and turns it into whatever shape you tell it to, with your design software. If you can design it, you can make it. Think prototypes, cosplay, pieces and segments of discontinued items, medical assistive devices, jigs and guides, the sky’s the limit! 3D printed prototypes are a part of many manufacturing processes. You can print (almost) anything you can imagine. Layer by layer. Minute by minute. You can make things on a 3D printer that you could never CNC, because nothing is cut. It can also integrate seamlessly into a partnership with your CNC because they both run on Makerverse. They can work beautifully together while creating art, furniture, gifts and so much more.

  • Developed in collaboration with MM’s 3DP guru, Drew Wallis, he is available for hands-on support, customized instructions, and video calls
  • Designed to be quiet, reliable and easy to use
  • Intuitive user experience on a giant 7” wireless touch screen
  • Huge build area of 12” x 12” x 16”
  • Auto-bed leveling for easy calibration and operation with an official ANTCLABS BL Touch
  • Print from Wi-Fi or USB using any slicer, with custom firmware developed by MM

Three user-friendly modes of operation: * Beginner for those at the beginning of their 3D printing adventure, those working with kids or those who just want extra guidance * Educator for those who are utilizing the machine for teaching * Expert for those who are already adept at 3D printing and want to have complete control

The Maker Made Guarantee

At Maker Made, we are committed to offering a fantastic product and great support. If there is an issue with the product you receive, we will make it right as quickly as possible.

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Head over to Maker Made to order!


Head over to Maker Made to order!