Simple bat house

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Simple bat house

A one-chamber bat house optimized for Maslow


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You may find 4 files into the Simple bat - Assembly instructions.pdf (a PDF file for assembly, as its name suggests, completed with installation tips) - Dimensions.pdf (a technical drawing with the dimensions of the elements) - simple bat house.pdf (informations about wood and screws) - bat houses 1 8.dxf (production file for Maslow, with 8 batboxes assembled on a 3/4 inch plywood sheet)


This house is used as a secondary dwelling by bats on their hunting grounds. Never use chemically treated wood, this would make bat males sterile. Paint only outdoors, with the following products: To protect wood from rain, don't forget to brush it with linseed oil, 2 or 3 times before fixing it. To keep the nest box warm enough, consider painting it with a walnut stain, which will darken it and better capture the heat.