Standing Desk

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Standing Desk

Small, mostly parametric adjustable standing desk. Useful for a laptop and a few items.



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Instructions for new users

  • Download the scad files and keep them in the same directory.
    • joints.scad is a library that creates the pins for connecting parts
    • standing_desk.scad contains the meat of the code
    • assembled.scad shows a 3D view of the assemlbed box
    • cutsheet.scad files are for generating the 2D output for actually cutting
  • Open assembled.scad and optionally cutsheet.scad in OpenSCAD
  • Make sure Design -> Automatic Reload and Compile is checked
  • Edit plant_shelf.scad in a text editor. After saving changes the OpenSCAD windows should update.
  • Play with the numbers to create the box you want. A visual representation of what the different variables do is shown below.
  • Once complete render the 2D files by pressing F6
  • File -> Export DXF or SVG
  • The cutsheets aren't smart enough to scale for all box sizes. Some options to fix this:
    • Edit functions.scad
    • Try to drag the drawings in your CAM program. Some will support this.
    • Open the DXF or SVG in Inkscape
    • Post a copy of variables.scad on the Maslow forums. I might be able to post a fixed cutsheet module.


Below is a visual representation of changing some of the variables.






  • Plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Nail gun?