Maslow CNC Kit

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Maslow CNC Kit

The overall summary of the Maslow CNC machine

Here you can find links to each of the assembly steps and a complete bill of materials with links to where to buy as many parts as possible.


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Putting Your Maslow Together

The goal of the Maslow project is to make CNC accessible to everyone. That means making a machine which is affordable, requires no special tools or skills to assemble, and which is easy to use. We've done our best to create a design which we think works towards achieving these goals, but we know that an even better machine is possible with your help. Your feedback about how to make these directions better is more than welcome.

Building the machine is done in five steps. The directions for each step are in the respective community garden pages which you can edit. We chose to do the instructions this way to ensure that the directions are always up to date, and as clear as possible.

Links to each step below.

Step 1: Electronics

Step 2: Programing The Arduino

Step 3: Installing Ground Control

Step 4: Building The Frame

Step 5: Cutting The Final Sled


This is a complete list of the parts that come in the kit. Note that many of the parts are custom made in which case either a source is not linked, or a similar part is linked and not the one in the kit.

Nuts and Bolts

Part # Included Source Alt Source
Cotter Pins 2 fastenall
Brick Mounting Bolts 4 fastenall
Brick Mounting Nuts 4 fastenall
Short Wood Screws 14 fastenall
Long Wood Screws 90 fastenall
Motor Mounting Screw 8 fastenall
Motor Mounting Washer 8 fastenall
Set Screw for Motor Sprocket 2 fastenall
Set Screw Allen Wrench 1 fastenall
Arduino Screws 4 fastenall
Arduino Screw Spacers 4 fastenall
Chain Alignment Spacer 2 fastenall
Shoulder Bolt 4 fastenall
Shoulder Bolt Nut 4 fastenall
Shoulder Bolt Washer 8 fastenall
Shoulder Bolt Allen 1 fastenall
S hooks 2 fastenall
Ring To Brace Bolts 12 fastenall
Ring To Brace Nuts 12 fastenall
Ring Brace Screws 18 fastenall
Ring To Brace Bolts Allen 1 fastenall
Cable Tie 12 fastenall
Small Nail 2
Z-axis Bolts 12 fastenall
Z-axis Brace Nuts 12 fastenall
Z-axis Brace Screws 12 fastenall


Part # Included Source Alt Source
Motor Mount 2 Amazon
L-Bracket 5
Ring 1 Custom


Part # Included Source Alt Source
Power Supply (2.5mmx5.5mm plug ) 1 Custom Amazon
Arduino Mega 2560 1 Wholesale Amazon
Arduino Motor Controller Shield 1 Maslow
Main Motor 2 Maslow
Z-axis Motor 1 Custom
Motor Cable 2 Custom
Z-axis Cable 1 Custom


Part # Included Source Alt Source
Elastic Cord 2 Amazon
Elastic Cord Pulleys 2 Amazon
Chain 2 Custom Amazon
Motor sprocket 2 Custom
Slack Sprocket 2 Custom
Heatsink 2 Custom
Ring Bearing 4 Custom